Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission

July Meeting Agenda

July 21, 2021

June 16, 2021 Draft Minutes


Public Hearing (3:00 pm)

Nominations (per SMC 17D.100.020):


AWaikiki Farm Manager’s Residence – 12720 N Vistawood Court

  1.  Waikiki Farm Manager’s Residence SRHP Nomination FINAL
  2. Staff Report Waikiki Farm Manager’s Residence
  3. PowerPoint for Waikiki Farm Manager’s Residence


BLibby Junior High/Middle School – 2912 E 1st Ave

  1.  Libby Junior High SRHP Nomination FINAL
  2. Staff Report Libby Jr High/Middle School
  3. Powerpoint Presentation for Libby Jr High/Middle School


CLewis and Clark High School – 521 W 4th

  1. Lewis Clark High School SRHP Nomination FINAL 2
  2. Staff Report Lewis and Clark HS SRHP
  3. Powerpoint Presentation for Lewis and Clark HS


Certificate of Appropriateness Applications – SMC 17D.100.200


ABonsall-Taylor House Window Replacement – 2728 S Manito Boulevard

  1. Application – Bonsall-Taylor COA for Window Replacement
  2. STAFF REPORT – Bonsall Taylor House Window Replacement FINAL
  3. Applicant’s response to Staff Report: Re_ Staff report for Bonsall-Taylor Window Replacement
  4. CoA Powerpoint Bonsall Taylor House



Regular Meeting (4:00 pm)






SHLC Retreat!

Meeting Minutes: Notes from SHLC Retreat



Trainings Conducted:

CLG Training – Spokane, September 26, 2017:

Spokane CLG Training Legal Basics and Ethics – Karen Gordon

CLG Spokane Meeting Procedures – Karen Gordon
CLG Basics Spokane 2017 – Kim Gant
CLG Training Spokane 092617 – Nick Vann (Secretary of the Interior Standards)


SHLC Member Notebooks:


1.1 Commission Members and Terms 2019

2019 SHLC Member Notebook – Final

Other Documents:

Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers

Bylaws/Rules of Procedure Documents

FINAL SHLC Bylaws (Oct 2018)


National Register Nominations Review

NPS Multiple Property Documentation Reviewer Manual

National Register Nominations Technical Review Checklist

National Register Substantive Review Checklist


Documents for Commission Review

Templates for Motions and Site Visits

Title 04 Administrative Agencies and Procedures SHLC

Spokane Municipal Code (SMC) Title 17D City-Wide Standards

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for  Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

Spokane Register Nomination Guide 2018


National Register Bulletins Links

Guidelines for Evaluating and Nominating Properties that Have Achieved Significance Within the Past Fifty Years

How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation


Training – Open Public Meeting Act

OPMA PowerPoint July 2017