Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission


April 17, 2024

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April 2024 Agenda

Next meeting: May 17, 2024


Draft Minutes – March 2024



Public Hearing (3:00 pm)

Nominations (per SMC 17D.100.020):


A. Spokane Register of Historic Places – Wharton Building at 411 W 1st

  1. Wharton Building SRHP FINAL
  2. Staff Report Wharton Building
  3. Wharton Building SRHP Nomination PowerPoint


Special Valuation (per SMC 17D.100.310):


A. Daniel Paul Building – 823 W 2nd Avenue

  1. Daniel Paul Special Valuation Application
  2. Staff Report for SV Daniel Paul Building FINAL
  3. Daniel Paul Building Special Valuation PowerPoint



REGULAR Meeting:

A. New Business

  • Welcome Dawn Wynne – County at Large appointment was concluded on 4/9/2024 will serve Emily Rebert’s first term to end on 12/31/25
  • Holy Names (The Academy Apartments) – they decided to use appropriate replacement materials on their roof and we will administratively review the work
  • Browne’s Addition Historic District – two cottages to be built on hillside behind contributing home. Limited visibility from Coeur d’Alene Street, administrative review
  • Jensen-Byrd Building 
  • Mary’s House – Sacred Heart Campus Spokesman Article
  • Moldenhauer House Spokesman Article
  • Items for May Meeting:
    • Cook-Abele House nomination to the Spokane Register
    • Possible design review of window replacement of a house in the Cannon Streetcar Suburb HD – 1434 W 8th – character-defining windows with fiberglass units without decorative panes
    • Roosevelt Apartments Special Valuation application
    • Sherwood Building Special Valuation application

B. Old Business

  • Medical Lake ILA
  • Open Public Meetings Act training



2024 Façade Improvement Grant Review

Application materials received from applicants:

  1. 144 S Oak Street
  2. 2109 W Pacific Avenue
  3. 2124 W Second Avenue
  4. 611 S Garfield Street
  5. 5201 N Market Street
  6. 1728 W First Avenue
  7. 2404 W Second Avenue

Slide deck from April SHLC meeting:

New Ranking Sheet for 2024 Façade Improvement Grant review:


Information for Commissioners


SHLC Retreat!

Meeting Minutes: Notes from SHLC Retreat



Trainings Conducted:

CLG Training – Spokane, September 26, 2017:

Spokane CLG Training Legal Basics and Ethics – Karen Gordon

CLG Spokane Meeting Procedures – Karen Gordon
CLG Basics Spokane 2017 – Kim Gant
CLG Training Spokane 092617 – Nick Vann (Secretary of the Interior Standards)


SHLC Member Notebooks:


Commission Members and Terms 2023

Full SHLC Notebook 2023

Other Documents:

Code of Ethics for Municipal Officers

FINAL SHLC Bylaws (Oct 2018)


Training – Open Public Meeting Act

Lessons 1-3 here: https://www.atg.wa.gov/open-government-training