The current agenda applications, nominations, and staff reports are located here:


Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission

July Meeting Agenda

 Wednesday, July 21, 2021
3:00 pm via Webex (see agenda)


Public Hearing (3:00 pm)

Nominations (per SMC 17D.100.020):


AWaikiki Farm Manager’s Residence – 12720 N Vistawood Court

  1.  Waikiki Farm Manager’s Residence SRHP Nomination FINAL
  2. Hold for Staff Report
  3. PowerPoint for Waikiki Farm Manager’s Residence


BLibby Junior High/Middle School – 2912 E 1st Ave

  1.  Libby Junior High SRHP Nomination FINAL
  2. Hold for Staff Report Libby Jr High/Middle School
  3. Powerpoint Presentation for Libby Jr High/Middle School


CLewis and Clark High School – 521 W 4th

  1. Lewis Clark High School SRHP Nomination FINAL 2
  2. Staff Report Lewis and Clark HS SRHP
  3. Powerpoint Presentation for Lewis and Clark HS


Certificate of Appropriateness Applications – SMC 17D.100.200


ABonsall-Taylor House Window Replacement – 2728 S Manito Boulevard

  1. Application – Bonsall-Taylor COA for Window Replacement
  2. STAFF REPORT – Bonsall Taylor House Window Replacement FINAL
  3. CoA Powerpoint Bonsall Taylor House


Regular Meeting (4:00 pm)