Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District


The Cliff-Cannon Neighborhood currently includes two National Register Historic Districts: The Marycliff-Cliff Park National Register Historic District which was listed in 1979 and the Ninth Avenue National Register Historic District listed in 1994.  Those two districts include nearly 300 properties – but are those properties really protected for the future? National Register designation is an honorary listing, meant mostly to acknowledge an area’s history. It is not generally a regulatory tool. In Spokane, the Historic Preservation Office and Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission do have the ability to review demolitions that are proposed within our National Register Historic Districts and can also review the replacement structure. However, only designation of a district on the Spokane Register of Historic Places allows for property owners to take advantage of incentives when they improve an historic property like Special Tax Valuation and the Facade Improvement Grant. Additionally, local designation helps protect the “sense of place” of your neighborhood – the very essence of what makes a neighborhood special and unique.

Historic designation is one method of ensuring that changes to your neighborhood occur thoughtfully, preserving the fabric that people love— homes with history, vital dwellings that preserve the past, while acknowledging modern lifestyles. Historic district designation can preserve the essential features of a neighborhood, while permitting contemporary improvements and additions that contribute to the historic character of the area.

Project Relaunch!

After a delay due to the pandemic, the Historic Preservation Office is excited to announce a series of virtual workshops to discuss the status of the project, answer questions, incorporate your feedback, and initiate the 60-day voting process. Property owners in the proposed Cannon Historic District should receive the above announcement postcard in the mail during the first week of January.

The virtual workshops will be conducted using WebEx video conferencing and links to the virtual workshops will be posted on this webpage once we get closer to the dates. We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!

Workshop Dates!

Workshop #1: Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 5:30 pm




Cannon Workshop #1 Powerpoint


Workshop #2: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 5:30 pm

The Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District information workshop series continues with our second evening presentation and Q&A for property owners, residents or other interested folks! The topic for this workshop will be primarily focused on the Design Standards and Guidelines created specifically for the proposed district. Bring your questions and join the Spokane Historic Preservation Office Wednesday evening!


Cannon HD Workshop #2 Meeting Link


*POSTPONED* Workshop #3: Tuesday, March 23 *POSTPONED*

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Documents for REVIEW

DRAFT Ordinance Adopting Historic District Overlay

Cannon Streetcar Suburb District Nomination

Cannon Streetcar Suburb Design Standards & Guidelines DRAFT


Public Outreach/Internal Process:

October 7, 2016: Met with concerned neighbors about protection provisions in Cliff-Cannon’s Ninth Ave National Register District
April 11, 2017: Meeting with city staff and neighborhood concerning demolitions of 1021, 1025 and 1029 W 9th
September 5, 2017: Met with City Council Representatives and Neighborhood concerning demolitions within the Ninth Ave NR District
February 5, 2019: Presentation on local historic districts to Cliff-Cannon Neighborhood Council
April 16, 2019: Met with Neighborhood Council Chair and possible neighborhood liaison
August 27, 2019: Met with new neighborhood liaison to discuss the district
September 21, 2019: Lower South Hill Block Party
January 7, 2020: Neighborhood Council Meeting
January 23, 2020: Executive Committee/CCNC Meeting
February 3, 2020: Neighborhood Team Kickoff Meeting
February 4, 2020: Neighborhood Council Meeting Presentation
April 22, 2020: Filmed first Neighborhood Workshop (see below)
June 26-27, 2020: Staffed “Historic Preservation Pop-Up Table” in the neighborhood to continue outreach efforts
July 22, 2020: First Plan Commission Workshop
August 12, 2020: Second Plan Commission Workshop
December, 2020: Mailed postcards to all property owners with upcoming online workshop dates
January 28, 2021: Held first Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District online workshop (see meeting above for presentation and to watch video)
February 24, 2021: Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District workshop #2
March 23, 2021: Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District workshop #3



Frequently Asked Questions


Plan Commission Workshop Presentations

July 22, 2020:

Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District Plan Commission Briefing Paper

Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District Plan Commission Workshop #1 Powerpoint Presentation

August 12, 2020:

Cannon Streetcar Suburb Historic District Plan Commission Workshop #2 Powerpoint Presentation



*With the continued status of Spokane in Phase 2 of re-opening, the Spokane Historic Preservation Office will delay rescheduling any of our public meetings for the time being. We are looking into trying a video presentation that can be watched at your convenience, with the opportunity to send us questions through email.

We will not short-change the neighborhood on our public outreach opportunities - you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have in a public forum. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate through this time of uncertainty!




February 4, 2020 – Neighborhood Council Meeting Presentation


Workshop #1 – April 22, 2020: What it Means to Live in a Historic District

Video Presentation:

Powerpoint presentation only: Cannon Historic District, April 22, 2020


If you would like to engage in a digital discussion or have questions for us regarding something specifically mentioned in the presentation, please email us at We are interested in finding ways to interact with you “live” online in some capacity – so getting your email address is important to that effort!


Workshop #2: Tailoring Design Guidelines for Cannon Historic District: TBD

Workshop #3: Overview and Discussion of the Completed Documents: TBD


District Boundary Map

Contributing/Non-Contributing/Out of Period of Significance Map


Under construction – currently have added photos and status to properties constructed in 1905 or earlier. Adding more daily.




What are some of the benefits of a local historic district?

Increased Property and Resale Values – Think of the realtor’s motto—location, location, location. Local historic district designation stabilizes neighborhoods by controlling demolition and inappropriate infill in the neighborhood and ensuring that the physical integrity of individual properties is retained.

Promotes Redevelopment of Historic Properties – Local historic district designation encourages the adaptive reuse of historic buildings and results in the return of underutilized buildings to the community’s tax rolls. This promotion is through local property tax incentives that the Spokane Historic Preservation Office offers. We are also able to offer small matching facade improvement grant that was created by Councilmember Kinnear in 2018. We are able to match a project up to $5000 on the street-facing facade – it is a competitive grant fund, though (and we don’t have very much money in it!). We will be able to grant one or two projects each year.

A Better Quality of Life – Traditional neighborhoods like Cliff-Cannon with trees, parks and sidewalks are walkable communities geared toward people and pedestrians rather than the automobile.  Local historic districts enable communities to preserve their unique character and create a “sense of place” that attracts residents and visitors alike.

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