East Central Historic and Cultural Context

This survey is experimenting with an unconventional and, we hope, innovative model of survey and inventory that will focus less on architectural descriptions of a historically diverse neighborhood and more on the stories of those who have resided, run businesses and contributed to the greater history of the City of Spokane told through both a pictorial and research-based product. This uses a cultural landscape and sense of place method to survey and assess the potential for historic preservation actions in the area. This cultural landscape and sense of place approach incorporates an overview of the history of the study area and identifies a dominant theme for that history. It presents different eras of the historical timeline and extant buildings associated with those eras. These buildings were the settings for life and despite their potential integrity issues they serve as the best vehicle to tell the stories of the important Spokanites who lived there.

East Central Historic & Cultural Context Report   East Central Photographic Survey

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Historic Timeline


Project Area Boundary & Representative Properties Map


Oral History

Listen to community members talk about East Central and the impact of Interstate 90 courtesy of Spokane Regional Health District’s Neighborhoods Matter Program, Spokane Historical, & Frank Oesterheld:

Ivan Bush, Director of the East Central Community Center in the 1980s


Jim Hanley, community member and business owner since 1942


Theogony Adams, resident since the 1950s


Jerry Numbers, community member since 1945 and Edison School teacher in the 1960s


Thomas “Tommy” J. Brown Fletcher, community member since 1940s