Spokane City and County Historic Properties


google-maps-grey-marker-w-shadow-hiGo ahead and start clicking and dragging!  Each yellow marker pinpoints a property listed on the Spokane Register, Washington Heritage Register or National Register of Historic Places.  The red markers identify barns listed on the Washington Heritage Barn Register.  And the green markers locate trees that have been listed on the City of Spokane’s Heritage Tree Register.  You can read about the history, architecture and significance of each property in its proper geographic context.

Our new interactive maps are up and running thanks to a lot of people.  We couldn’t have done it without our student worker, Jessica Bell, local mapping guru, Ron Hall, and Chase Rigby, a developer at Google’s Niantic Labs.



Spokane Historic Districts


mapIconThere are currently 19 Historic Districts in Spokane: 15 National Register Districts, 2 Spokane Register Districts and 2 which are both!  These districts cover over 1,000 acres and they help protect, preserve and interpret Spokane’s rich heritage.  Each district is distinguished by a different color so go ahead and start clicking!







Thanks for being patient – – the districts map is a work in progress!