Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission

The City of Spokane adopted a preservation ordinance (04.35) in November 1981 that established the Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission as a body of private citizens charged with the preservation and protection of Spokane’s historic, architectural, and archaeological resources.  This is accomplished through the designation of historic properties to the Spokane Register of Historic Places, and subsequent design review of exterior changes. Each commission member represents a specific geographic area, or has a specific area of expertise and serves on the Commission for three years.  The Landmarks Commission meets monthly to review nominations to the Spokane and National Register of Historic Places, as well as applications for Design Review and Special Valuation.  The public is invited to attend Commission meetings in order to be involved in the City’s historic preservation process.   Landmarks Commission meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m., in the Council Briefing Center, Lower Level, City Hall.  Review the current agenda packet here.

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Back row: Ray Rast, Sylvia Tarman, Carl Durkoop, Ernie Robeson, Larry Cebula, Amanda Paulson, Megan Duvall. Front row: Austin Dickey, Jacque West, Dave Shockley, Betsy Bradley, Jodi Kittel



Current Commission Members

David Shockley –  Chair Preservation Construction Specialist 12/31/19
Betsy Bradley (co-vice chair) City at Large Representative 12/31/19
Jacque West (co-vice chair) County at Large Representative 12/31/19
Sylvia Tarman Archaeologist 12/31/21
Carl Durkoop Real Estate Representative 12/31/19
Larry Cebula Historian 12/31/19
Ernie Robeson County at Large Representative 12/31/18
 Jodi Kittel Architect 12/31/19
Austin Dickey Architect 12/31/21
Ray Rast Historian 12/31/21
Amanda Paulson City at Large Representative 12/31/21
Megan Duvall
Logan Camporeale
Historic Preservation Officer
Historic Preservation Specialist