The current agenda applications, nominations, and staff reports are located here:


Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission
808 W Spokane Falls Boulevard, City Council Briefing Center

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Draft January 2020 Minutes



Public Hearing (3:00 pm)

Spokane Register Nomination (per SMC 17D.100.020): 



A. Wells Chevrolet Showroom – 1229 West First Avenue

     1. Wells Chevrolet Showroom Final Draft Nomination

     2. Staff Report Wells Chevrolet

     3. PowerPoint Wells Chevrolet


B.  Edwidge Apartments – 1227 W Riverside

     1. Edwidge Final Draft Nomination

     2. Staff Report Edwidge Apartments

     3. PowerPoint Edwidge


A. Myrtle Apartments – 1214 West Sprague Avenue

     1. Myrtle Apartments Nomination FINAL DRAFT

     2. Staff Report Myrtle Apartments

     3. PowerPoint Myrtle Apartments



Regular Meeting (3:30 pm)