Multiple Property Documentations

The National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form nominates groups of related significant properties. In it, the themes, trends, and patterns of history shared by the properties are organized into historic contexts and the property types that represent those historic contexts are defined.  The Multiple Property Documentation Form is a cover document and not a nomination in its own right, but serves as a basis for evaluating the National Register eligibility of related properties. It may be used to nominate and register thematically-related historic properties simultaneously or to establish the registration requirements for properties that may be nominated in the future. Read more about MPDs in the National Park Service bulletin.

The following Multiple Property Documentations serve as inventories of thematically related properties in Spokane and Washington state:


Carnegie Libraries of Washington State (1984)


Funerary Properties in Spokane, 1888-1978 (2004)


Rural Public Schools in Washington (1987)


Movie Theaters in Washington State (1991)