Spokane County Monument, Marker,

& Object Context & Survey

This report is a written and pictorial context of historic monuments, markers, and objects in Spokane County. These objects, constructed as early as 1893, represent and interpret some of the most significant and controversial historic sites in the county. They include battlefield sites, the sites of war crimes against local tribes, a controversial statue to a U.S. Naval Officer, historic trails, tribal villages, and location markers for significant buildings or remnants. The report presents contextual and temporal themes to help group objects that are related.

The historic context is augmented with a survey of 70+ individual objects. The exploratory survey includes Historic Preservation Inventory Forms for twenty-five objects with photographs, details, physical descriptions, transcribed inscriptions, significance narratives, and eligibility determinations. Many of the objects that had an HPI completed were determined to be potentially eligible for listing on the Spokane Register of Historic Places. In addition to the HPIs, there are 50 more objects included in the survey database with details on each object.

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