A note on the Standards Testing project from Betsy Bradley:

We decided to evaluate three recent projects in the Browne’s Addition neighborhood – two in the district, and one that will be just outside the boundary.

Below are photos of each building that we would like the Commission to use as test cases for compatible new construction in Browne’s Addition.

Please use the form and criteria document below to evaluate each project and email your rating documents to Betsy who will compile and compare the ratings.

We also decided to demonstrate the rating system with these buildings at the October 18 meeting for the Browne’s Addition workshop and would like to report on how members of the Commission and HPO staff (anonymously) assessed their compatibility.

So please take some time and use the materials and provide any feedback – general and specific comments are very welcome. We want to have a good sense of whether this approach will work.

Note: the documents are minimally formatted and will be moved into the larger designed document soon.

Thanks in advance, Betsy



DW New Design Standards 10-5

DW New Construction Evaluation Criteria


Test Case #1: 4th and Hemlock



Test Case #2: 2nd and Chestnut



Test Case #3: 3rd and Coeur d’Alene