Spokane Fur Company

Year Built:  1904

Style:  Commercial, Vernacular

Address:  2115 E Riverside Avenue


This building housed the vault and facilities for the Spokane Fur Company and is a one story structure with a smooth concrete finish that has been scored to give the appearance of large panels. This was the company where women stored their furs in the off-season and where repairs could be made on the items. In 1910 the structure located at the west end of the current property lot was the J. Munch Manufacturing Company’s Planing Mill. Fred Holmes and John Graham opened the fur business, originally called Spokane Fur Tanning, in 1921 at the East Riverside location. In 1950 the company had facilities occupying most of the block with two unconnected structures. At some time construction took place in the unused space to create one long building. Tax records list multiple dates for construction. Ardeth Logsdon and Robert Giffing bought the company in 1962, when Graham retired. Ken Doyl bought into the store in 1970. The Spokane Fur Company closed its doors in March 1993. The building, which helps document the evolution of commerce and fashion in Spokane, could be eligible for listing on the local register due to its continued association with commerce in East Central. (Expanded from Steve Emerson’s 2002 report, Alternate Light Rail Route)

Spokane Fur Company, 1943 2spokesman review, january 14, 1951Spokane Fur Company, 1943spokesman review, april 11, 1959

Images left to right: 1943 workshop interior [MAC L87-1.27252-43]; January 14, 1951 Spokesman-Review advertisement; 1943 interior [MAC L87-1.26946-43]; April 11, 1959 Spokesman-Review advertisement