This survey and inventory project aims to research and write an intensive level context statement for Spokane’s East Central Neighborhood, which is one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. The area is also one that is underrepresented on the Spokane Register of Historic Places. Over seventy percent of the resources in the survey area are over 50 years old, yet there are zero locally listed properties within the area.

Spokane’s Historic Preservation Office is trying an “out of the box” model for this survey and inventory project that focuses less on architectural descriptions of a historically diverse neighborhood and more on the stories of those who have resided, run businesses, and contributed to the greater history of our City told through both a pictorial and research-based product. The anticipated result of the project will be the identification of resources that may warrant further research and/or listing on the Spokane Register of Historic Places; the unearthing of stories related to Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color who have contributed to Spokane’s development; and the stockpiling of research highlighting Spokane’s underrepresented communities for use in social media, displays or other future opportunities.

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