Historic Masonry and Wooden Buildings Lecture

October 8, 2015

Sometimes, even the strongest buildings need some TLC.  Mark Liebman, an expert in the field of investigative restoration and Senior Forensic Investigator for CASE Forensics, will give a presentation on Thursday, October 8 how our heritage buildings were constructed, what materials were used and how using time-tested maintenance and repair methodologies are often the best solution.   He will explore the means and methods of construction of traditional masonry and wooden structures, the causes of structural and material deterioration, and how to best address and repair the resultant damage.  Following the presentation, Liebman will give an on-site presentation at the Genesee building downtown (which is limited to 20 people) on Friday, October 9.

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City Hall Council Chambers
808 W Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201

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