C.I.T. Credit and Finance Office Building

Year Built: 1957

Style: Modern

Architect: Funk, Murray & Johnson

Address: 2814 E Sprague Avenue


Now home to A-1 Locksmith, 2814 E Sprague was built in 1957 and was used as the C.I.T. Credit and Finance Office Building. Decidedly modern, the office building was designed by Funk, Murray & Johnson, a noted Spokane architectural firm that was active in the mid-20th Century. Funk, Murray & Johnson designed a number of iconic buildings in Spokane including St. Charles Roman Catholic Church, and the Davenport Hotel Addition and Garland Theater (as Funk, Moldander & Johnson). The building possesses the characteristics of modern architecture including the use of simple, clean lines, glass and geometric shapes. The commercial block, which still retains great integrity of material, design, feeling and setting, would certainly be eligible as an example of mid-century, modern commercial building and as a product of the architectural firm of Funk, Murray & Johnson.

The building itself is Modern in design and feeling and is a one-story, rectangular building comprised of concrete blocks and floor to ceiling glass. Possessing a flat roof and unusual exposed rafters, the building favors horizontal elements over vertical. The main (north) facade is comprised of a partially recessed, asymmetrical storefront with three distinct sections.  The east and west facades are noticeably bare except for rafter ends and window openings which are covered by decorative, concrete blocks that make a playful, geometric pattern. A small general office, which was built in 1956, rests immediately to the south of the building. The east facade was extended south, creating a concrete block screen, and incorporating the 1956 office into the overall design of the building.


Images left to right: Albert Funk obituary from September 26, 1986 Spokesman-Review; detail of geometric pattern; northwest corner; north facade