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Stadacona Park (now Grant Playground)

.8 acres

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The outdoor supper is a godsend to the housewife who otherwise would spend her late afternoon and much of her evening over a stove in a torrid kitchen. It is a pleasant change to the man from the office and the shop. And for the kiddies, the very sound of the word ‘picnic’ to them means delight. Spokane Chronicle, "Spokane Takes its Supper under Trees in Parks," 1916

Olmsted seemed particularly concerned with the small size of this park and advised the Commission to secure the lots that surrounded the area designated area in order to expand the parkland. Unlike other plans that conformed to naturally asymmetric topography, Olmsted recommended this park have a formal design because of its naturally formal shape. Olmsted suggested the laying of shrubs and other foliage to accentuate the walks, but to leave the park relatively plain to maintain the formal design.